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February 04, 2006

Jumping The Inflation Gun

In the clouds around the silver lining department, the reported downside of yesterday's otherwise pleasing employment report was the relatively strong wage growth in January, a development that presumably brings with it renewed fears of inflation. That story is covered by the Capital Spectator, and by Barry Ritholtz, but here is the basic idea, from MarketWatch:

[Al Goldman, chief market strategist at AG Edwards] said a tight labor market worries the central bank as companies have to offer higher salaries to attract workers, which leads to wage inflation: "And the Fed is in business for one reason only, and that is to try and control inflation."

I highly recommend Tim Duy's take on this, posted at Economist's View. Here are my own words of warning:  It is unit labor costs -- labor compensation adjusted for productivity growth -- that reflect the measure of labor payments important for detemining price-level growth.  Better to not jump to conclusions until we actually see the data that matters.

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